Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 Things to Never Forget About Trump's Disability Bullying (from "a Disabled")

Just in case you forgot. I don't think anyone who is voting for him will care. This is just a message to all the able-bodied people posting this to prove "Donald Trump is the lowest of the low.

All my life I have heard: "Only the worst people would make fun of people with disabilities." Due to who I am it was often said by a Taylor Swift looking girl who was volunteering at the hospital I was rehabbing surgery. So she could get a college credit. Of course, this person is not my enemy. We need you fighting for us.  We people with disabilities are people. Statistically we get bullied more and abused more.  If someone makes fun of us due to our disability it is a low thing to do, but this is how bullies respond to weakness. 
But Please remember:

1) We are more than something to be pitied for our weaknesses. 

2) We are many. (We are 19% of the population. We all have different disabilities but all of us face similar challenges and don't have privilege.)

3) We are capable. (The man Donald Trump made fun of was a reporter his name was  Serge Kovaleski He has been reporting for the New York Times and his reporting contributed to a Pulitzer prize.)

4) Always trust and remember bullying when you see it. Listen to the person that has been bullied. Also remember they are so much more than a victim  Like any basic bully Donald Trump will try to deny what he did and said. They refuse to be confronted on their own bullying. They despise weakness in anyone especially in themselves. They will do anything to not be humiliated. That's why they go so far to humiliate others. 

I agree he is the lowest of the low, but him doing this is a symptom of it. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone. 

 What I don't get is how people think Trump is somehow "good" at what he is doing. I was shocked when Malcolm Gladwell said Trump was "good at bullying." 
    I don't think he's good at it at all. I think all he does is dispel and vilify weakness. "Weakness is something only weak people have. Anyone can dispel weakness and if they don't it is their fault. Not anyone else's." Of course, the only people who have a visible weakness they can't dispel are people with disabilities. 

When I was young I almost liked when people made fun of me because that meant they didn't pity me. I more disliked the people that said "The most pitiful thing you can do is make fun of a disabled person," because I wasn't a person to them, just something to feel bad for.I didn't realize I could have both things: No pity and respect. 

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