Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What People should know about me and this blog:

1) I am a mother with a physical and learning disabilities. 

2) I am slightly dyslexic. I am busy. I stopped doing this blog because checking the posts for perfection took to long. Now I've decided- F that noise (ableist rhetoric)  There will be misspellings and typos.

 A) If you are the kind of person that finds these errors too distracting you have every right not to read the blog.

B) If you feel that such errors make me not intelligent or make my points invalid you are wrong and ableist. 

C) Yes, I believe in good clear writing. I am a published author and work hard to make my stories readable and error free. However, my errors, that I work hard to fix, or my errors on this fast and hard blog may throw you off, but they do not mean I am not a good writer or have no right to be writing. 

D) The above doesn't make me apart of the Trump/Palin movement or the anti-science/anti-facts movement AKA the "don't oppress us for being willfully ignorant, not bothering to check our facts, we think we are so cool we don't bother with critical thinking, reading, speaking or feeling" people. I'm just not good at spelling. I also leave out words and can't tell if I have. This isn't the same as thinking whatever crap I poop out is awesome.    

3) I am aware that writing: “person with a disability” is the correct term for obvious reasons.
However, as I’m writing this as a rushed mom I have chosen to sometimes write: “disabled person,” like they do across the pond. As a "disabled person" I can get away with this. I don't feel non-disabled people can. 

3)  I try to be aware of all my privilege. I am white and queer, but I’m married to a man. A white man who works in the tech industry. Despite this, I love him a lot.  As most people with disabilities I have 
A HUGE mountain of debt. However, due to the support of those around me I have never truly lived in poverty. I am LUCKY. 

4) I know I benefit from white privilege and middle class privilege. I try to be aware of all my privilege. Sometimes I fail.

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